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At the Picnic Guild, we believe in being stewards of the environment and we want to reflect this belief with our business practices. Almost all of our packaging is biodegradable and compostable, made from either corn or a sugar cane byproduct called bagasse. We get these packaging products with help from Viv Biz Club, a community of eco-minded organizations who are uniting their purchasing power to help make green supplies more affordable. Our green packaging provider is World Centric, a company based locally in Palo Alto, CA. We strive to shop locally and organically, at farmers markets and gourmet food purveyors. The smoked fish in our smoked trout rilette, for example, is obtained from The Fish Market, in Palo Alto. The trout is smoked with hickory and sugar maple by an Irish master smoker, Aiden Coburn. We use dried Blenheim Apricots, an original variety from the Silicon Valley that we obtain from ApricotKing Orchards, in Hollister, CA. We support other small businesses in our area and strive to consider the scope of our global impact with our food purchasing decisions.

All of these small choices add  a little to our cost, but we hope you appreciate the enhanced flavors we create with these products, as well as a sense of peace and safety that the food has been produced and packaged with the highest standards of quality and care, for both our customers and the environment.



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